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What's up everybody its man of low moralfiber here my name is Luke and todaywe're going to be going over how to fixa fairly frequent and annoying problemthat occurs in Windows 10 when youright-click on some of these items inthe taskbar it will not display any ofthe associated items that should come upin the pop-up menus and that's prettyannoying so I found a fix for it onlineand I've done it before unfortunately itstill happened to me but I figured I'dshow you guys how to do this so we'regoing to do windows R and then type inPowerShell once we do that we need toright-click here and say run asadministrator and so we're going to dothat I know that that happens to be thetop item you might not have seen thatbut basically I went up to here and gotit you know and then we're going to comeup here and paste this little line I'llleave this in the description but it'swhat this windows answers thing suggestsso that's what we're going to do andwe're going to hit enter on that and sothat's going to do all this and that'llbe excellent Windows PowerShell isalways cool to work with and everythingbut be careful because there are youknow certain things you can do that canreally mess your system up okay so nowwe're going to go into this and look forthis particular folder so open up youryou know file explorer here go to C thenwhere is it telling us to go huh we'llput this here look at this now excellentso we're going to go to see users namedapp data so luke app beta this will be ahidden folder which you'll have toenable view so in order to do that let'ssee how it happens in Windows 10 you goup to view and then to options changefolder and search options then you'regoing to go to view and make sure showhidden files and drivers is selectedthat way you can actually get into thisfolder alternatively you can just typeit in up here app data even if you don'thave a hidden or unhidden excuse me andso then we're going to go to local anddelete the tile data layer folder sowe'll just delete it excellent so now Ican't delete that but at this pointeverything's back so maybe you don'teven have to do that tile delete thingbasically run the Windows PowerShell norestart required and then it's done so Ihope this was beneficial to you guys Imean it bothers me occasionally so Ikind of just have that little line savedthere in a notepad file and I take itinto Windows PowerShell and fix theproblem like that so if you guys haveany questions leave them in the commenthello I'll try to help you out I knowthat this is a problem that severelyirritates me and you know it definitelyhelps to have all of these especiallywith things like steam for launchingcertain games or going to your friend'slibrary etc so as always guys thank youvery much for watching I do...